Case Management

Worker’s Compensation & Medical

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Medicare/Chronic Care

Pharmacy Review

Short and Long Term Disability

Stay at Work

OWCP Billing Agent for Vocational and Nurse Case Manager Independent Consultants

Vocational Rehabilitation

Ergonomic Assessment and Training

Job Placement

Labor Market Survey

Transferable Skills Analysis

Descriptions and Analysis

Return to work programs

Resume Preparation

Risk Management Solutions

Employer Baseline Solutions

Safety and Prevention Programs

Behavioral Based Safety Training


Our OSHA Ergonomic trained staff provides proactive assistance with compliance and work place safety issues, vocational needs and occupational projects.
Our assertive case management strategies result in reduction of lost time from work and containment of the overall cost of the claim; thus keeping the experience modifier low and workers’ compensation premiums affordable.
Our service level facilitates proactive cost solutions, effective case management interventions and coordination/resolution of return to work issues to achieve a safe return to work outcome.
Feather hires and retains experienced, advanced credentialed staff which results in the delivery of high quality outcomes and client satisfaction.
Feather utilizes state of the art paperless, electronic documentation and billing systems which promote continue growth and success of our client’s workers’ compensation programs.
Ability to provide nationwide coverage.
Feather is fully insured and bondable.
Compliant with Regulatory Agencies including, but not limited to ADA, HIPAA, EEOC, State and Federal Regulatory Guidelines.

Combining professional expertise and local market knowledge is the key to success!