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Feather CaseManagement & Consulting, LLC is a medical and vocational consulting firm that focuses on providing business solutions and cost containment for medical and health related issues. The company is URAC Case Management Accredited, Nationally Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

The name Feather was chosen for the company because it is recognized in almost every culture symbolizing: Integrity, Trust, Honor, Strength, Power and Freedom. These are the core values and principles in which this company has been founded.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Feather CaseManagement & Consulting, LLC is to be recognized as the industry leader and the provider of choice for Medical and Vocational Case Management and Consulting Services that provides business solutions and cost containment for claimant’s medical and health related issues.  The goal of the company is to provide a professional and quality product while delivering the best customer service in the industry.

Advanced Industry Credentials and Diversity Recognition

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Feather CaseManagement & Consulting is dedicated to providing quality services to meet our client’s needs.  Our services and expertise range from medical case management, vocational case management, STAT Preview, worker’s compensation case management and employer solutions for hiring practices, OSHA recording, safety/prevention plans, modified duty programs and behavioral based safety programs.

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Feather is committed to providing outstanding customer service.

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Our Strengths

Superior Case Management Services
Partnership to Meet Diversity Initiatives
Seasoned Licensed and Credentialed Staff
Customized Services

The hiring and retention of experienced credentialed staff results in the delivery of high quality outcomes and client satisfaction.  Our service level facilitates proactive cost solutions, effective case management interventions and coordination/resolution of return to work issues to reduce length of absenteeism, promotion of return to health and a safe return to work outcome.

Feather offers a variety of programs to provide employers with solutions for hiring qualified, capable employees as well as conducting customized Behavioral Based Safety programs; STAT file preview services on pending and active claims; Modified Duty Programs; Job Placement; Fit for Duty; Safety/Compliance/Ergonomic evaluations and assists with OSHA record keeping and Safety/Prevention Plans. Contact us for a free consultation.

The combination of Feather’s Baseline Employer Solutions program with Compcheck’s innovative risk management services allows clients to take control of their hiring practices and safety and prevention plans…read more

Why Choose Us

  • Professional expertise and local market knowledge is the key to success

  • URAC accreditation in Case Management, WBEA, WOSB, TX HUB and multiple State diversity registrations

  • Fully insured, bonded and licensed in all practicing states

  • Services compliant with industry and regulatory agencies

  • Independently owned and operated